Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's a storyboard I did in December. It was a somewhat autobiographical memoir childhood kind of thing for a class assignment - Comic Books as Literature class. Basically, there was this neighbor who developed cancer and lost his home to foreclusure. He couldn't bare it, so he left himself to the train. It was on the news, just the story. It was not video taped. My mother use to hang pictures of paintings, not real paint, on our side 7 foot tall fence. I always found it odd she would decorate the fence? I would encounter my dog and take it for a walk. Then I'd have to go into the park and go past the cinder block public bathroom on top of the hill where all the drug dealers and users hung out. Then I'd release my dog at the railroad tracks and let'm run. I always worried about the train.

Not a Norman Rockwell type of story, oh well.

Here's the sad part. My dog did get hit by the train, eventually.
I didn't want to 'illustrate' that.

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