Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Life Painting Portriats done in 3 to 6 hour sittings

More Workshop Drawings done in 3 hour sittings.
These drawings are done in Ballpoint Pen and Prisma Color Markers.
So, I do know how to commit to the line.

More Classroom Assignments

Some concepts I did for classroom assignments

Above are some screenshots representing some models I've done in colaberation with texture arttists for the Quake III game modifications.

Some character animations and models I did for some custom players I put into the Quake III game.

These animations only seem to work in Internet Explorer. So if you use Firefox or Netscape...animations may seem awfully fast.

Invented head concepts for characters.

This Video was done in Maya at a community college in

Santa Monica.

These are examples of my figure invention and panel layout abilities for comic book pages.

These are paintings done in class at various life drawing workshops in the San Diego Area. These oil paintings are done in a 3 to 5 hour period in 1 sitting. These were done withing the last 3 months or so.